Why Echelon?

Precision agriculture can improve every square foot of your farm.

That's what makes Echelon's precision planting and fertilization so important. Our unique take on variable rate technology delivers nutrient prescriptions for every five square metre block, improving your efficiency, yield and return on investment. But it's Echelon's people who make the biggest difference – advisors who are available to help you use this technology to get the most from every acre.

From planning to planting to harvest, on farms of all sizes and with all kinds of equipment, Echelon agronomy puts you a step ahead.

Backed by Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is at the heart of every Echelon variable rate prescription. The highly trained staff is always ready to support your decisions, offering a selection of seed, crop nutrition and crop protection second to none. Find everything you need under one roof, contact your local Nutrien Ag Solutions representative.

Echelon said their variable rate technology system would help me pull together more accurate data about my farm – and use that data to increase my yield without increasing production costs. I’m extremely pleased with the results: both their products and their top-notch customer service.

Keith Schneider, Odessa, SK
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