What We Do

We use precision farming to improve your returns.

In the world of agronomy and agronomic advice, Echelon is unique. Drawing on over ten years of satellite imagery of western Canadian farms, we can create a very precise picture of your fields. The history of your production capability helps us make a prescription for seed and fertilizer use, and creates even more opportunity.


From field mapping to variable rate planting, Echelon's advisors
know how your farm can benefit from our services:

  • Yield/variety analysis
  • Variable rate fertility prescriptions
  • Field trial verification
  • Variable rate planting prescriptions
  • Aerial imagery analysis
  • As-applied and as-planted mapping
  • Electronic scouting records
  • Real-time equipment tracking
  • Yield data processing
  • Remote file transfer

Use our technology to meet your farm’s challenges.

Every farm comes with unique business and agronomic issues. Using our agronomic expertise and precision farming technology can overcome a wide range of production challenges.


If cash flow is an issue, can I still optimize my fields’ performance?

Absolutely. A combination of our geo-referenced soil sampling along with nutriscription services will do the job. First, we use historical performance data to identify the portions of fields that perform best. By working toward the best crop response in specific areas, you put input dollars where they will yield the best results. There are two ways to approach nutrient application.

In one, we use the same rate of fertilizer as you currently apply. In the other, we make a variable rate prescription and save money on the cost of that input by using less fertilizer to achieve the same yield. Either way, being more precise with fertilizer blends and placement is dollar for dollar the smartest thing you can do.


Does fertilizing mid-season make sense?

Definitely. By starting the year with a variable rate prescription for fertilizer and following up with in-season geo-scouting and a nutriscription, you can help the crop reach its full potential. You can’t predict an entire season’s nutrition requirements, but in many cases you can react swiftly and accurately at mid-season to prepare crops for the push to maturity.


I’m working to make my farm more sustainable – how can precision ag help me do that?

As a leader in agricultural sustainability, we demonstrate our commitment to the grower every single day. It starts with our support of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship system. Based on employing best practices derived from the best available science, the 4R’s focus on applying the right source of nutrients at the right rate, right place and right time.

The 4R system also encourages providing site-specific recommendations that address local soil, climate and operational practices, and the importance of keeping clear documentation of the nutrient plan and its implementation.

This overall system approach helps to minimize nutrient loss to the air and water, replenish and protect soil quality, while still providing growers with the economic return on investment required to support their families and build vibrant communities. Adoption of the 4R system is helping Western Canadian growers do more with less while supplying a growing world population with high-quality, nutritious food.

Precision agriculture simplified

Nutrien Ag Solutions combines the highest quality inputs with industry-leading precision agriculture services to help the grower apply a prescription for more precise seeding and fertilizing. Echelon is our best-in-class precision agriculture solution, providing growers with a unique model for using Variable Rate Technology (VRT). VRT is replacing traditional grid soil sampling with proven imagery analysis to create a variable rate recommendation that is based on your field history. This new and unique approach to variable rate is part of the Nutrien Ag Solutions commitment to continual innovation in technology.

A customized nutrient application plan is integrated within a grower’s existing equipment and technology for a more effective solution. Echelon Advisors are available when you need them because we know that every minute counts in the spring. We see our relationship as a true partnership in helping to achieve the best results for both the grower and for sustainable production in the future.

The way forward together

The adoption of exciting new technologies in combination with the application of farm-specific nutrient plans is allowing us to product more food. It means healthier, more productive soil for today and tomorrow.

Western Canadian crop growers are leading the way in sustainable agriculture. Putting nutrients where they can do the most good and realize the best return on investment – while reducing impacts on our air, water and land.

What are the additional benefits of sustainability?

Sustainable farming is not just geared towards environmental goals – there are also social and economic goals. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship program includes these objectives so that in addition to meeting environmental goals such as reducing nutrient loss and energy use, growers can also improve their net income, quality of life and productivity, and have better access to information to assist in farm management decision making. At Nutrien Ag Solutions, we strive to be good neighbours by protecting, growing and enriching communities where we operate. Echelon is our best precision ag tool to accomplish that, while helping growers make their operations more sustainable.


How do I get a better picture of what’s happening with my equipment? Especially when I bring on hired labour.

Whether or not your business uses outside help, it’s important to manage equipment maintenance and repair costs and to encourage operators to be more efficient. Using Echelon fleet management technology, you can monitor mileage and engine hours and schedule regular maintenance.

As the work is being done, you can use the same technology to send a new job to the operator, along with a detailed application prescription. In return, you get the information about each job, as it happens.

This real-time tracking is a tool that will help you make smarter manpower, equipment and application decisions.

Soil quality changes from metre to metre across my fields, but for a long time I used a flat rate fertilization method. I saw the growth of spots that lacked necessary organic material, and other spots that consistently wasted fertilizer. Since the switch (to Precision VRT) in 2007, I’ve used the same amount of fertilizer but seen much higher yields.

Dean Nikolejsin, Weyburn, SK

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