Herbicide-Resistant Weeds Continue To Rise In The Prairies

The growing herbicide-resistant weed species are a huge concern for Canadian farmers. Tropical weeds have begun adapting in able to grow in our northern Prairie soil. Some of these weeds are both herbicide-resistant as well as invasive and are causing the biggest issues for farmers practicing minimum-till farming.

The spread of these weeds is occurring from east, south and west of the central Prairies.

In the beginning of November, the presence of glyphosate-resistant Kochia was confirmed in Southern Alberta. Kochia is the third weed that has been discovered in Canada that is resistant to the herbicide glyphosate.

Why the weeds have arrived..

Kochia flourishes in dry conditions, which may explain why its presence has increased in the Prairies. Giant ragweed is another soon-to-be glyphosate-resistant weed. In recent years, ragweed has moved into Canada from the northern United States through floodwaters and river valleys.

Many weeds are becoming resistant to herbicide..

Since glyphosate is a relatively cost-effective herbicide, the development of weeds’ resistance to it could be a huge threat to farmers. The largest threat is to minimum-till farmers who aim to minimize the disruption to their soil. This practice inadvertently allows infestation by weed crops.

Since issues with weeds in the Prairies are evolving, agricultural research must be done continuously in order to deal with potential infestation problems.

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